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Guillermo Brachetta (harpsichord)
Amsterdam-based harpsichordist Guillermo Brachetta makes his solo debut recording with a programme of ciacconas and chaconnes that chart the extraordinary diversity and the development of this musical form. 

Beginning with works from such composers as Jacques Champion de Chambonnieres and Louis Couperin, Guillermo takes the listener on a journey through to the substantial offerings by Jacques Duphly and Johann Sebastian Bach. 

Accompanied by an essay from musicologist Nigel Simeone, Guillermo performs this selection on two instruments by instrument builder Titus Crijnen - copies of instruments by G.B. Giusti (1681) and H. Ruckers (1624) with grand ravalement (1680).

© 2014 Resonus Limited
2014 Resonus Limited
Producer, engineer & editor: Adam Binks
Cover image: from a portrait of James Hamilton by Dani
ël Mitjens.

'[...] There are the two warmly recorded instruments that colour the music so tellingly. But, above all, it's Brachetta's playing – extrovert but never 'flashy' – that is the key. Instinctively idiomatic, he is compelling throughout'
BBC Music Magazine (Instrumental Choice, 5 stars performance and recording)

'[...] grandiloquent harpsichord pieces, headed by wonderfully extravert examples by French composers Jacques Duphly and Bernard de Bury, and more sober versions from Bach and his contemporary Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer. Superb performances by Brachetta'
Financial Times

'By crossing national and stylistic boundaries (John Blow is present here), and including works from the mid-16th to well into the 17th century, Brachetta sets himself a considerable interpretative challenge. But his playing is fluent, his characterisations lively and idiomatic, and his use of two differeing instruments [...] helps give definition to the several works.'

'Brachetta, a native of Argentina but trained principally in The Netherlands, complements his captivating programme with unfailingly vigorous and technically assured playing, surmounting every difficulty with apparent ease and conveying a wealth of fine details of articulation and phrasing.'
International Record Review

'For me some of the highlights were the pieces by the lesser known composers, all in Brachetta's lively and well thought-out performances'
Planet Hugill

'This is well up to the standard that we have come to expect in such a short time from Resonus Classics'
MusicWeb International

'Such is the vigour of the chaconne as a musical structure that there is no sense of the recording palling with repetition - every work is a delight in itself'
Lark Reviews

Ciaccona: Works for harpsichord

Ciaccona: Works for harpsichord

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