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Adi Tal

'[Alamire] perform expressively throughout, while Skinner injects passion into every note.'
The Sunday Times

Amy Dickson

'Dickson shows the saxophone is capable of subtlety and great beauty'
BBC Music Magazine

Amy Freston

'[...] A pure soprano with matchless diction'
The Stage

Andrew Arthur
Anita Watson

'Watson sang with a lovely crystalline lyricism, the sound never forced and always fresh.'
Opera Today

Anna Dennis

'[...] every aria sung with a sweet, silky tone'
Early Music Today

Anna Starushkevych

'Starushkevych’s mezzo is growing in richness, depth and allure'
Opera Magazine

Anneke Scott

'A remarkable musician, authority and expert on a notoriously tricky instrument' 
Andrew Manze

Ashley Riches

'[...] wittily played by Ashley Riches'
Financial Times

Audrey Riley
BBC Concert Orchestra

'[...] a sparkling performance by the BBC Concert Orchestra'
Orpheus Magazine

BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Belfast Cathedral Choir
Berkeley Ensemble

'This talented group'
The Independent

Blossom Street

'One of my favourite choirs'
David Mellor, Classic FM

Boxwood & Brass

‘[...] an amazingly polished performance'

Carl Jackson
Catherine Carby

'Catherine Carby’s sparky high mezzo illuminates'
Opera News

Chamber Domaine

‘[…] utterly magical […] a tremendous sense of vitality and commitment’

Chiara Granata

'[...] a true virtuoso'
GB Opera Magazine

Choir of Worcester College, Oxford

'[...] a breath of fresh air'
Lark Reviews

Ciara Hendrick

'[...] the gracefully expressive and technically fluent mezzo-soprano of Ciara Hendrick'
The Telegraph

Concentus VII

'Concentus VII brings vivacious colour to these melodramatic scenes'
Classical Ear

Consone Quartet

'[…] this is a musical, emotional, stylistic and technical bullseye'
The Strad


‘Consortium5 has earned all the praise critics can muster by reinventing consort music’

Damian Thantrey

'[...] indisputably accomplished, and superbly sung'
The Independent

Daniel Tong

‘[...] it’s always a blessed relief to hear an artist with Daniel Tong’s self-evident love and understanding of the instrument’
BBC Music Magazine

David Bednall
David Miller

'He is excellent both as a partner to the voice and as a soloist'

David Skinner

‘There’s both freshness and fire in these accounts, Skinner underscoring the music’s dramatic and madrigalian qualities'
BBC Music Magazine

David Soar

‘[…] definitely a singer to listen out for’
Opera Today

David Watkin

‘Hushed and flawless Bach’
The Observer

Dominic Childs
Dudok Quartet Amsterdam

'[...] an intense listening experience that will have you on the edge of your seat'
The Strad

Duo Belder Kimura

'[...] intelligently and elegantly conveyed by the distinguished Amsterdam-based players'
The Observer

Ed Lyon

'British tenor Ed Lyon shines with highs perfectly mastered.'
Olyrix Review

Edward Rushton

'Edward Rushton is an ideal accompanist'

Edward Wickham

'[...] artless dexterity' 
The Telegraph

Eleanor Dennis

'Arnold's inventive, eclectic score [is] vividly brought to life'
BBC Music Magazine

Elysium Ensemble

‘Classicism at its most perfectly formed'
The Advertiser (Adelaide)

Emma Abbate

‘[…] complete assurance and clear dedication’
International Record Review

Ensemble 1904



Eroica Quartet

‘[…] heroic, questing, unsettling and magnificent performances’ 
BBC Music Magazine


'[...] the individual musicians are superb and they blend so naturally in consort'
Early Music Review

Felicity Palmer

‘In a league of her own, the magnificent Palmer was unbelievably believable.’
The Observer

Fenella Humphreys

‘Strong-toned, easy fluidity and immaculate technique’

Fidelio Trio

‘The sound of this trio is irresistible’
The Herald

Finzi Quartet

‘[…] quite exceptional [...] they chose to play with a real sweetness’ 
Mundo Classico

Fiona Kimm

'[...] megawatt charisma'
The Independent

Flauguissimo Duo

‘[...] Young artists Flauguissimo Duo shine [...] They gave a fine performance that held our attention throughout'
Classical Guitar Magazine

Fournier Trio

'[...] finely wrought and passionately engaged'
The Strad

Francesco Corti

‘His playing is a powerhouse of unbridled vivacity, exciting and excitable in equal measure’
BBC Music Magazine


'Fretwork is the finest viol consort on the planet'
The Evening Standard

George Vass

'[...] a gifted British conductor at the height of his powers'
Musical Opinion

George-Emmanuel Lazaridis

'[...] the listener is compelled along by the sheer force of Lazaridis's artistic personality.’
Classic FM Magazine

Giles Swayne

'Giles Swayne, pianist, composer and wit, is a national treasure and should be paid more attention.’
The Strad

Gould Piano Trio

‘[...] what they produce, after playing for 20 years together, is simply extraordinary.’
The Washington Post

Grace Davidson

'[...] Grace Davidson is outstanding for her seraphic purity and evenness of tone'

Graeme Broadbent

'Graeme Broadbent's cavernous bass'
The Guardian

Guillermo Brachetta

'The performances are superlative'
Classical Ear

Hanna Hipp

‘Hanna Hipp [...] is excellent, with a knowing, competent demeanour and a glowing mezzo timbre’
The Guardian

Hilary Campbell

'[...] my choral album of the year [...] Terrific stuff.'

Hugh Tinney

'[...] he played with maturity and refinement'
The Guardian


Jacob Heringman

'[...] a master of the instrument'

Jakob Fichert
James Akers

‘Wonderfully supple, propulsive and alive’
The Guardian

James Baillieu

'James Baillieu provides accompaniments with just the right degree of often gentle support'

James Platt

The rich and smooth bass voice of James Platt'
Opera News

James Woodrow
Jan Rautio

‘Jan Rautio leads performances notable for their buoyancy and vivacity’

Jane Gordon

‘Jane Gordon brings not only a ravishing tone and depth of timbre but a real sense of musical line to everything she plays’
The Independent

Johan Löfving
John Andrews

'John Andrews’ supple conducting and ideal tempi gave consistent pleasure'
The Sunday Times

John Scott

‘Scott directs his well-honed forces in authoritative readings’
Choir & Organ

Juice Vocal Ensemble

'The 21st century’s answer to the Swingles or the King’s Singers’
The Times

Julian Bliss

‘Poise, agility and alertness permeate these winning, infectious performances’
BBC Music Magazine

Julian Perkins

'[...] effortless virtuosity'
International Record Review

Kantorei of Kansas City

‘[...] electric, exciting, and offering a new vision’

Katherine Baker
Katherine Jenkinson

‘[...] technical security backed up by rare musical sensitivity'
The Independent

Lada Valesova

'[...] the always responsive, imaginative and finely polished piano-playing of Valešová'
Irish Times

Les Chevaliers de Saint Hubert

'[...] amazing control and producing some amazing bravura moments'
Planet Hugill

Lucy Crowe

'Lucy Crowe dazzles with her every appearance'
The Sunday Times

Malcolm Martineau

'[...] Malcolm Martineau, who remains one of the most brilliant recital artists in the world today'
San Francisco Classical Voice

Malu Lin

‘Malu Lin could walk on air’
The Yorkshire Evening Press

Marcus Farnsworth

‘[...] a conspicuously shining star [...] classic dignity and elegance’
The Telegraph

Mark Bebbington

‘His beautifully cultivated sound at the instrument is especially striking’

Mark Wilde

'Wilde takes his time and uses his pliable voice to play with light and shade in atmospheric performances.'

Martha McLorinan

'Martha McLorinan was refreshingly forthright'
The Telegraph

Martin Jones

‘A British virtuoso with ideas and an enterprising repertoire.’
Financial Times

Mary Dullea
Matthew Owens

'Matthew Owens coaxes scintillating performances from his choristers'
Choir & Organ

Menno van Delft

‘[...] perfect evenness and fluidity – and supple shapeliness, too’
San Antonio Express

Mie Hayashi

‘The harpsichord playing of Mie Hayashi displayed a profound understanding of the music’
Music Today

NIcholas Newland

'[...] a sure and idiomatic hand.'
Early Music Review

Navarra Quartet

'The playing is nothing short of sensational'
Yorkshire Post

Neil Ferris
Nicky Spence

'Nicky Spence is a superb soloist'
BBC Music Magazine

Nicola Meecham
Onyx Brass

‘Easily the classiest brass ensemble in Britain’
BBC Music Magazine

Orpheus Britannicus

‘[...] stylishly delivered’


Paolo Pandolfo

‘[…] one of the most brillant and poetic of the instrument’s current exponents’


Paul Gameson

‘Natural, unflamboyant grace’
The Independent

Paul Silverthorne

‘[...] a virtuoso in sensitivity and technique'
The Times

Philip Dukes
Philippe Graffin

'[...] rare sweetness of tone by the soloist Philippe Graffin'
The Sunday TImes

Pieter-Jan Belder

'[...] with Belder we are confronted with impressive talent.'

Platinum Consort

'Pristine tonal balance and tuning'
BBC Music Magazine

Presteigne Festival Orchestra
Raffaele Pé

‘[…] dramatic eloquence’
The Times

Rautio Piano Trio

‘The Rautio Piano Trio gave mature and persuasive accounts’
The Strad

Rebecca Afonwy-Jones
Richard Harwood

'[...] probably the greatest young 'cello talent since Jacqueline du Pré'
The Strad

Richard Pinel

‘With a touch like water over rocks and a tone like the wind through the leaves, Pinel's playing is a force of nature’
All Music Guide

Rie Kimura

‘Baroque violinist Rie Kimura performs with striking flair and musicianship’
The Strad

Robert Plane

'[...] an eloquent and impassioned clarinettist. The playing is full blooded and committed'
International Record Review

Robert Smith

‘Robert Smith's plaintive expressive poise'
BBC Music Magazine

Robertas Šervenikas

'[...] combining passion with professional precision'
Der Tagesspiegel

Robin Michael

‘Michael played with fervour, graceful finesse and great sensitivity’
The Strad

Roderick Williams

'[...] our greatest living baritone'
The Daily Telegraph

Rodolfus Choir

'Exemplary in every respect'

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Ruth Bolister

'An elegant soloist'


‘SANSARA slips easily into the elite ranks of exceptional performers’
Choir & Organ

Saint Thomas Choir of Men & Boys, Fifth Avenue, New York

'[...] well-rounded musical performances’
Early Music America

Samuel Boden

'[...] beautiful legato lines, clear diction and a gorgeous tone'

Schola Cantorum Reykjavík

'[...] they create a wonderfully evocative and expressive atmosphere'
Robert Hugill

Scott Inglis-Kidger

'Doing a great deal to encourage choral singing'
Classic FM

Simon Callaghan
Simon Lepper

‘Simon Lepper, whose prowess as a pianist is fused with a real sensitivity to words and to the voice, is a rarity indeed.’
The Times

Simon Niemiński

‘Simon Niemiński’s playing is utterly convincing and at one stroke establishes him as a recording artist of the first rank’
Organists’ Review

Simon Smith

‘[...] startling talent’
The Guardian

Simon Wallfisch

'There is no doubting the quality of Simon Wallfisch’s artistry'


‘It was thrilling to hear the singers […] bringing such a range of timbre and dynamics to the performance.’
Choir & Organ


'Thanks to this well-made recording [...] an overlooked episode in English musical history is exposed'
Financial Times

Stephen Farr

‘Farr’s playing is always alert to the textural nuances [...] thoroughly enthralling’
BBC Music Magazine

Steven Devine

'[...] his playing is adroit and his attention to every detail of the ornamentation punctilious’
The Guardian

Susanna Hurrell

'[...] the Syrinx ensemble’s perky playing, ensure endless pleasure'
The Sunday Times

The Amadè Players

‘A total delight’
BBC Radio 3 ‘In Tune'

The Choir of HM Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace
The Choir of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

‘They sing with as much sensitivity and soul as many more famous rivals’

The Choirs of St Catharine's College, Cambridge

'[...] splendidly performed by these exceptionally well-trained singers.'
The Observer

The Ebor Singers

'Paul Gameson and his Ebors are absolutely the right people to encapsulate this repertory for posterity.'
The York Press

The English Cornett & Sackbut Ensemble

‘[...] the English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble add a princely lustre’
The Times

The Gonzaga Band

‘A wealth of great invention and craftsmanship to be appreciated’
BBC Radio 3 CD Review

The Linarol Consort
The Prince Regent's Band
The Queen's Six

'[...] seamless blend and balance'
The Observer

Thomas Kemp

‘[…] utterly magical […] a tremendous sense of vitality and commitment’

Tom Winpenny

‘Tom Winpenny displayed his sensitive musicianship over and over again [...] a stylish virtuoso performance’
The Diapason

Vicky Yannoula

‘[...] the work takes on an entirely new life in this setting’
MusicWeb International

Walewein Witten
Wells Cathedral Choir

‘Glorious, life-affirming and distinctive choral music in superbly polished performances’

William Thomas
Yeree Suh

'[...] the remarkable Korean soprano Yeree Suh'
The Observer

Yu-Wei Hu

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