Boxwood & Brass

Boxwood & Brass

‘[...] an amazingly polished performance'


Emily Worthington - clarinet
Fiona Mitchell - clarinet
Robert Percival - bassoon
Anneke Scott - natural horn
Kate Goldsmith - natural horn

Founded in 2013, Boxwood & Brass brings together leading period-instrument specialists in an ensemble dedicated to the performance of harmoniemusik, the wind ensemble music of the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. The group’s repertoire ranges from the military band music of England, through the virtuosic chamber music of the Parisian salon, to the vast libraries of music created for the harmonie ensembles of the central- European nobility, as well as new arrangements by bassoonist Robert Percival.

The musicians of Boxwood & Brass combine instrumental and scholarly virtuosity and are committed to placing music unheard since the eighteenth century in an illuminating historical and cultural context that furthers understanding of the historical activity of harmoniemusik.


‘[...] an amazingly polished performance [...] Individually and as an ensemble, the performers displayed an obvious enjoyment of the music and their collective enjoyment was infectious’

‘This was a delightful concert of a fascinating and little-known repertoire, given by four talented young musicians whose sense of period style was evident, not least in their phrasing’
Andrew Benson-Wilson


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