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Dudok Kwartet
Prize-winning Amsterdam-based string quartet, the Dudok Kwartet, make their recording debut here with an enthralling and eclectic programme of works by Joseph Haydn, György Ligeti and Johannes Brahms. Recipients of the prestigious 2014 Kersjes Prize for an exceptional Dutch chamber ensemble the quartet have a rapidly growing reputation as one of the most promising young European strings quartets.

Exploring the theme of metamorphoses in the music of the three composers represented here, these exquisite performances feature music from the entire spectrum of the quartet repertoire, from fresh interpretations of Haydn's C major quartet from his Op. 54 to the technical limits explored in Ligeti's first string quartet, Métamorphoses nocturnes, and the quartet's own effective arrangements of Brahms piano intermezzi.

'[...] the Dudok give us remastered Ligeti, blacker and whiter than ever before'
Gramophone (Editor's Choice)

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© 2015 Resonus Limited
Ⓟ 2015 Resonus Limited
Catalogue No. RES10150

Producer, engineer & editor: Adam Binks
Cover artwork by Daan van der Horst

'This recital disc, linked by each of the composer’s Hungarian associations, reflects their refreshing nonconformity [...] The Dudoks have a lithe, lively sound and alert sense of structure and detail: a group to watch.'
The Observer

'[...] the Dudok give us remastered Ligeti, blacker and whiter than ever before [...] Not since the Elias Quartet’s Mendelssohn [...] has the debut disc of a quartet kept inviting me back to think more and listen harder.'
Gramophone (Editor's Choice)

'[...] all three composers benefit from the rich, warm default sound of the Dudok Quartet, aided by the bloom and depth of the recording.'
The Strad

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'The Dudok Kwartet shows a very healthy dose of accomplished achievement in this their debut disc. The recording has the fresh liveliness of a concert.'
De Telegraaf

'Masterful [...] Ligeti’s Métamorphoses nocturnes features as an indestructible pillar beneath their debut disc [...] The Dudok Quartet lay out cunningly the melodic lamentations and obstinate scouring he had put into this 1956 work.'
de Volkskrant

'The Dudoks showed that they're not easily intimidated by the repertoire. Ligeti's first quartet for instance, nearly unplayable music that has almost become a specialty of the Dudok Quartet. Ligeti's ingenious insanity is approached with an open mind and the results are astounding.'
Trouw (5 stars)

'Young Dudok Quartet ingeniously arranges Brahms [...] The quartet plays Ligeti venomously and full of inspiration, their dynamics in Brahms are beautifully balanced'
NRC Handelsblad

'Powerful, exciting and poetic are keywords that reoccur in many of the Dudok Quartet's concert reviews. They are also entirely applicable to this debut disc [...] Whoever performs this music so well, ranks among the top chamber musicians.'
Nederlands Dagblad

'They let the music breathe, show the wicked humor and don't let down on the music's theatrical side. They continuously search for possibilities to use specific colors to enlarge contras. The alternation between energetic and delicate musicianship is a blessing.'

Dudok Kwartet - Métamorphoses: Haydn, Ligeti & Brahms

Dudok Kwartet - Métamorphoses: Haydn, Ligeti & Brahms

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