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David Skinner (director)

When the Renaissance composer John Sheppard (c.1515-1558) shines he is beyond glorious, and the monumental six-part Media vita in morte sumus is undoubtedly among the greatest of his creations.

However, recent research has meticulously reexamined the liturgical sources of Media vita demonstrating that the widely accepted structure of the work may have long been misunderstood. Using research from scholars John Harper and Jason Smart, the Early music consort Alamire with director David Skinner are now able to shed new light on one of the greatest masterworks from Tudor England in this first recording of Media vita in its newly reordered version.


© 2020 Resonus Limited

Ⓟ 2020 Resonus Limited/Alamire
Catalogue No. INV1003 (Inventa Records)

Producer: Nigel Short
Engineer: Jim Gross
Editor: Adam Binks
EAN: 5060262791660
Cover: Light in the Dark and Dramatic Storm Clouds by Sabphoto (Shutterstock)
Release date: 17 July 2020

John Sheppard: Media vita in morte sumus

John Sheppard: Media vita in morte sumus

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