Les Chevaliers de Saint Hubert

Les Chevaliers de Saint Hubert

'[...] amazing control and producing some amazing bravura moments'
Planet Hugill


Anneke Scott
Joseph Walters
Jorge Renteria-Campos
Martin Lawrence
natural horns

Formed in 2011, initially to record Gallay's Grand Quatuor, the musicians of Les Chevaliers de Saint Hubert comprise four of the leading horn players in Europe. The four, frequently to be found working together as the horn section of ensembles such as the Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique, The Kings Consort or the Australian Chamber Orchestra, specialise in performing on historical horns. These instruments range from the earliest Baroque horns and cor de chasse, the wonderful colourful classical and romantic era hand horns, through to the many varieties of early valve instruments that fourished in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries before the establishment of what today's audiences would recognise as the modern horn.



Jacques-François Gallay: Chamber music for natural horn ensemble
Les Chevaliers de Saint Hubert Following on from the first volume of works by Jacques-Franço..

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