They that in Ships unto the Sea down go: Music for the Mayflower - RES10263

They that in Ships unto the Sea down go: Music for the Mayflower

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Early Music group Passamezzo make their Resonus Classics debut with a collection of music and song brought together to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower.

The Mayflower left England in 1620, with passengers and crew all seeking a fresh start in the New World. Featuring works from the books that some of the passengers took with them, this album gives an insight into the range of music that might have been sung on board this famous ship from composers such as Richard Allison, John Dowland and Thomas Campion.

Sheet music from this album (edited by Tamsin Lewis) can be purchased by clicking here.

Album Booklet (PDF)


1. Psalm 137

Richard Allison (c.1565–c. 1606)
2. The Lord’s Prayer

3. London’s Lottery
4 . We be three poor mariners/
Row well ye mariners

Richard Allison
5. The Lamentation

6. The most cruel murther of Edward the fifth
7. Rogero
8 . A lamentable Ditty on the death of the Lord Guildford Dudley

Richard Allison
9. Psalm 122

John Dowland (1563–1626)
10. The Shepherd’s Pipe

11 . The Shepherds Joy
12. The Inconstancy of the World

Richard Allison
13. Psalm 147

14 . The wind blows out of the west

Tobias Hume (c.1579–1645)
15. Tobacco is like love

Thomas Weelkes (1576–1623)
16 . Come Sirrah Jack ho

17. The Birds’ Dance
18 . Song from the Masque of Flowers
19 . Psalm 100
20 . Psalm 107

John Dowland
21. Up merry mates

Thomas Ford (c.1580–1648)
22. Love’s Constancy/Corydon’s Resolution

Thomas Campion (1567–1620)
23 . Never weather beaten sail

'[...] a cleverly assembled programme of largely anonymous contemporary songs.'

- Choir and Organ

'[...] a cleverly assembled programme of largely anonymous contemporary songs.'
Choir and Organ

'I love the purity and suitability of all of the four voices used, especially the soprano Eleanor Cramer whom I shall look out for again. The instrumental work, solo or accompanimental, is tasteful and beautifully balanced; especially attractive are the two popular songs by the Cavalier composer Thomas Ford which are renamed as instrumental pieces. The recording, made in St. John’s Wood Church in North London, is clear and focused.'
MusicWeb International

'he programme has been nicely crafted, so that for the casual listener there is judicious amount of variety, with one or two delightful curiosities. Passamezzo is a versatile group with a number of them doubling on voice and instruments, and they create an intimate and conversational atmosphere to the whole disc.'
Planet Hugill

'A delightful disc with some very interesting settings.'
Lark Reviews

'Passamezzo's playing and singing is vibrant, characterful and immediate, probably helped by the group's experience of theatrical and dramatic performance, making for a highly enjoyable hour.'
Midlands Music Reviews

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