Alla Milanese - The Gonzaga Band - RES10314

Alla Milanese

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Total playing time [74:19]

The Gonzaga Band
Faye Newton (soprano)
Jamie Savan (director & cornetts)
Oliver Webber (violin & viola)
Mark Caudle (violone)
Guy Morley (bass sackbut)
Steven Devine (organ & harpsichord)

Alla Milanese (‘in the Milanese style’) explores the connections between musicians at the heart of Milan’s scene for experimental music, c.1592–1626.

Alongside compositions from the city’s most illustrious musical families – Rognoni and Cima – The Gonzaga Band has sought to rediscover the music of their lesser-known contemporaries, including Biumi, Casato, and the nun-composer Caterina Assandra, to illuminate a rich and complex network of stylistic innovation at the dawn of the Baroque era.

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