William Byrd: Keyboard Works - The Taylor and Boody Organ of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge - Stephen Farr - RES10326

Byrd: Keyboard Works

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Total playing time [66:06]

Stephen Farr (organ)

Performing on the Taylor & Boody Organ of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, the critically acclaimed organist Stephen Farr presents a rare exploration of the keyboard works of William Byrd on the organ.

This historically informed instrument is made in the early English style and makes a fitting tribute in this, the composer’s 400th anniversary year.

Album Booklet (PDF)


1. Voluntary [C]

2. Fantasia [a]

3. Miserere [I]

4. Miserere [II]

5. Fantasia [C]

6. Verse

7. Fantasia [G2]

8. Gloria tibi Trinitas

9. Fantasia [G1]

10. Ut re mi fa sol la [G]

11. Voluntary [a/C]

O quam gloriosum est regnum
12. Prima pars
13. Secunda pars


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