Coelho: Flores de Musica, Volume 3

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Total playing time [63:47]

Ana Mafaldo Castro (harpsichord)

Flores de Musica pera o instrumento de tecla & harpa is the only known work of Portuguese composer Manuel Rodrigues Coelho. Printed in Lisbon in 1620 and boasting more than five hundred pages, Coelho’s Flores de Musica is one of the largest music works printed in the seventeenth century.

Celebrating the 400th anniversary of its original publication, a new edition in three volumes has been published with the research being used to inform this major new recording series.

Harpsichordist Ana Mafalda Castro presents seven tentos and a piece based on Susanne un jour by Orlando di Lasso recorded on a two-manual copy of a Ruckers instrument, built by Henk Van Schevikhoven in 1984.

Album Booklet (PDF)


Flores de Musica pera o Instrumento
de Tecla, & Harpa. 1620

1. Terceiro tento do 5º tom por bemol

2. Segundo tento do 3º tom

3. Segundo tento do 2º tom

4. Susana grozada

5. Segundo tento do 1º tom

6. Segundo tento do 4º tom

7. Tento do 7º tom natural

8. Tento do 5º tom natural


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