Fantaisie Romantique: 19th-Century Eastern European Guitar Music - James Akers (guitar) - Resonus Classics RES10334

Fantaisie Romantique: 19th-Century Eastern European Guitar Music

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James Akers (guitar)

Guitarist James Akers presents Fantaisie Romantique – a collection of premier recordings of significant works by little-known Eastern European guitarist composers of the nineteenth century. With many of the works based on popular pieces of the day, including opera arias and folk melodies, it gives them an accessibility that belies their obscurity and underpins their virtuosity.

Having been neglected for over a century this recording attempts a reassessment of these composers and their work employing period instruments and techniques to render them as sympathetically and accurately as possible.

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Mikhail Polupayenko (1848–1902)
Fantasia on Zaporozyhe Themes
1. Moderato–Dumka
2. Andante
3. Allegro moderato
4. Larghetto
5. Allegro vivo (Dance)

Johann Decker-Schenk (1826–1899)
6. Ukrainische Weise

Johann Dubez (1828–1891)
Fantaisie sur les motifs Hongrois
7. Allegretto
8. Andante, Csardas
9. Moderato
10. Allegretto
11. Vivace
12. Allegretto
13. Tempo di marcia
14. Allegro
15. Andante
16. Allegretto
17. Tempo primo

Nicolai Petrovich Makaroff (1810–1890)
Fleurs du Nord, Op. 3, No. 1
18. How did I upset you
19. Along the Street
(I walked on the flowers)
20. Dear Cow go home
21. Ach, on the bridge, on the bridge
22. Down on Mother Volga
23. Kamarinskiaa

Pietro Pettoletti (c.1795–c.1870)
Fantaisie sur une Romance favorite de Paschkoff, Op. 31
24. Introduzione
25. Theme and Variation
26. Allegretto
27. Polonaise
28. Allegro vivace

Johann Decker-Schenk
Fantaisie Romantique
29. Tempo di polacca
30. Allegretto
31. Andantino
32. Tempo di valse

Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806–1856)
Arr. Nicolai Petrovich Makaroff
Capriccio, Op. 9
33. Andante
34. Andantino molto espressivo
35. Finale

Nicolas Pavlistcheff (1802–1879)
Grande Fantaisie sur un motif de l’Opera “La fiancée” d’Auber, Op. 25
36. Andantino
37. Allegretto
38. Allegretto sostenuto
39. Allegro con spirito


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