Master & Pupil: The Influences and Legacy of Claudio Monteverdi

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Sestina Music
Mark Chambers (conductor)

The ‘Master and Pupil’ philosophy stems from an epoch when composers first began pilgrimages throughout Europe developing their skills and teaching other musicians and composers. This theme is the very core of Sestina Music’s own philosophy, with younger musicians placed under the wings of experienced professionals in an apprentice-like fashion.

Music has always been a craft of apprenticeship, with knowledge and skill passed down through the generations from master to pupil. The inspiration at the very heart of this recording is found in the works of Claudio Monteverdi – his influences and the immense legacy he instilled in his pupils that was equally instilled in him by his own teachers. The album celebrates these legacies with music by composers including Josquin des Prez, Marc’Antonio Ingegneri, Giovanni Gabrieli and Salamone Rossi.

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Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643)
1. Balletto – De la bellezza SV 245
From Scherzi Musicali à tre voci 1607

Josquin des Prez (c.1450/1455–1521)
2. Recordare Virgo Mater No 15
From Motteti novi libro secondo
(Antico) 1520

Claudio Monteverdi
3. Damigella tutta bella SV 235
From Scherzi Musicali à tre voci 1607

Jean Mouton (c.1459–1522)
4. Qui ne regrettoit le gentil Févin
From Motetti novi et chanzoni franciose
à quatro sopra doi (Antico) 1520

Cipriano de Rore (c.1515–1565)
5. O Sonno
From Il secondo libro de madrigali à
quatro voci 1557

Claudio Monteverdi
6. Dixit Dominus secondo SV 192 (à 8
voci concertato con gli stessi istromenti
del primo & nel medesimo modo)
From Selva morale e Spirituale 1640/41

Salamone Rossi (c.1570–1630)
7. Sinfonia grave
From Il primo libro delle sinfonie et
gagliardi 1607

Claudio Monteverdi
8. Lidia spina SV 244
From Scherzi Musicali à tre voci 1607

Salamone Rossi
9. Sonata duodecima sopra la Bergamasca
From Il quarto libro de varie sonate, sinfonie,
gagliardi, brandi e corrente 1622

Giovanni Gabrieli (1553–1612)
10. Maria Virgo à 10 C.35
From Sacrae Symphoniae 1597

Giovanni Rigatti (c.1613–1648)
11. Sinfonia
12. Kyrie
13. Gloria
From Messa et Psalmi, parte concertati 1640

Andrea Gabrieli (1532/1533–1585)
14. Intonazione quinto tono

Marc’Antonio Ingegneri (1565–1592)
15. Cantate et Psallite
From Liber Sacrarum Cantionum 1589

Jacques de Wert (1535–1596)
16. Tirsi morir volea
From Il settimo libro de madrigali 1581

'Sestina's voices are joined by a crack team of musicians [...] The voices themselves are always graceful, tasteful'

- Gramophone

'Sestina's voices are joined by a crack team of musicians [...] The voices themselves are always graceful, tasteful'

'...this gorgeous compilation of stylish interpretations is the classiest of calling-cards.'
Choir & Organ

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