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Strata: Eleanor Alberga Orchestral Works

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Castalian String Quartet
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Kemp (conductor)

British composer Eleanor Alberga is renowned for her mastery of orchestral colour and form. With her distinctive blend of lyricism and rhythmic dynamism, Alberga crafts a sonic journey that is both exhilarating and deeply moving.

From the arresting grandeur of the symphonic landscapes in her first symphony, Strata, to the pulsating and evocative energy of Mythologies, each piece is a testament to Alberga's boundless creativity.

The BBC Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Thomas Kemp, are joined by the Castalian String Quartet for Tower with its cascading melodies and rhythmic intensity, embodying both strength and intimate intricacies.

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Eleanor Alberga (b. 1949)

1. Tower (2017)

Symphony No. 1 ‘Strata’ (2022)
2. Firmament
3. Core
4. Mantle
5. Crust
6. Sailing on Tethys
7. Plumes

Mythologies (2000)
8. Aurora
9. Hercules
10. Psyche
11. Mars
12. Venus
13. Bacchus


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