Coming soon: Songs of Franco Alfano

With soprano Anna Pirozzi & pianist Emma Abbate

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Coming soon: Thomas Weelkes Choral works

From Resurgam & The English Cornett & Sackbut Ensemble

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Out now: William Byrd Keyboard Works

With Stephen Farr (organ)

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Performing on the Taylor & Boody Organ of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, the critically acclaimed organist Stephen Farr presents a rare exploration of the keyboard works of William Byrd on the organ.

This historically informed instrument is made in the early English style and makes a fitting tribute in this, the composer’s 400th anniversary year.

Other recent highlights include the second volume of 'Flores de Musica pera o instrumento de tecla & harpa' - the only known work of Portuguese composer Manuel Rodrigues Coelho. Celebrating the 400th anniversary of its original publication, this new release see organist André Ferreira joined by Ars Lusitana and Maria Bayley; and an album of music by composer David Lancaster from Ex Corde Vocal Ensemble and conductor Paul Gameson. These works draw upon the legacies of artists and craftsmen who lived and worked in England’s medieval York, leaving evidence of their beliefs, stories and ideas which have survived into the present, in carved stone and painted glass.

  • Coelho: Flores de Musica, Volume 2


  • Apocalypse: Choral Works by David Lancaster